if($_SESSION['logged_in'] == 'Yes') { ?>, , The code use PHP POST method to call a specific function that can login a user account using SELECT query by validating the username and password if exist. Please enter your password. else { ?>,

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Very few users are so computer illiterate nowadays that they don't know how to change an environment variable, which is all it takes to confuse that code into treating you as an adminstrator or the company CEO. Explanation: Login page of the system. After you hit enter or send button it will say Welcome, username. In our example, we have a login form with two input fields i.e. Next markup code shows two different templates. Please enter a username. I am currently using Visual Studio and Javascript. Well hello and welcome, Today i have fianled installed and fixed all errors on my login script, if you spot any errors How to make any content on a different page not visible to the user who are not logged in and with a link to login. ... At the point the user logs in, put his username in the session.


akstar. The href attribute specifies the destination of a link in an area. $new = "INSERT INTO members (ip, fullname, email, username, password) Sorry, I meant to put "username" not "logged_in" :p, thanks aj_nsc 😃 You solved it! how to display the logged in User in my welcome page? here is the index.php, register.php, login.php and connect.php. $fullname=$POST['fullname']; ,
And you told us how to show the username and what will be displayed there if the user has not logged in? Not using any PHP page. // Get Form Data I want to display username after user has login. The user has to enter the username and password to successfully log in. else if(!$password) { ?>


So, when you submit the details the username and password will be displayed on the other page. ,