Depending on the type of finish your floors have, the acidity in the vinegar may affect the finish. Happy cleaning and thanks for the recipe. I think you’re right, the natural oils from the oranges probably helped a great deal. I only have laminate and tile in the house, but I imagine it would work even better on linoleum, so I’d definitely give it a try! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! All I can say is this sounds like a great process but be careful AND MAKE SURE you do SPOT testing. What are you using to wipe up the solution afterwards? I found that if I don’t remember to remove the refillable compartment before storing away the mop every time, the spray nozzle gets clogged and it’s a pain to clean out and get it working again. I used this on our tile kitchen/dining floor, although I left out the soap. What kind of vinegar is best to use? Can I use this in a mop bucket for tile floors? For use as the first step in a stain project, this conditioner reduces blotching, streaking, and grain raising to ensure an even stain color. It is just like perfume. When it gets too damp is when it leaves streaks. Does anyone know if this would work for tile floors as well?? I did make the cleaning cocktail in my Swiffer Wet Jet, using the modified 1 cup and 3/4 cups. thank you for that post I was wondering if I could do that with my shark steam mop. Anyway, I had to go back and mop them with my regular floor cleaner. Use this, essential oils may be harmful if ingested by pets, Essential Oils for Dogs: A Beginner’s Guide, Homemade Floor Cleaner – Tips, Tricks and FAQs. Get all Business details of Qatar Companies Can this be used on manufactured hardwood floors? It’s also very volatile and will evaporate quickly, leaving your surfaces with no residue or streaks left behind. Just made a new batch using distilled water and it was fantastic. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep your furniture from moving around on wood floor?? The only thing I would add is sliders to the feet since the bottom of the legs is unfinished and I don’t want to scratch up my floors. I don’t think so but I would test a small area just to be sure. I had put white distilled vinegar in a jar with orange peel 2 weeks ago and used the vinegar for this cleaning. Hi Julie, I’m using this cleaner on my laminate and it works perfectly without warping the edges. Not very expensive to start with, and you can just wash the pad and use your own cleaners instead of buying expensive refills all the time. You could experiment of course and find a lower dilution that works for you. This solution immediately removed (without effort) pet drool which is my number one problem. It is full of streaks and now I have a white cloudy film that I cannot get up. I haven’t tried it, but will edit the post and add that info if I do. I can’t thank you enough. I wanted to let you know that there is a way to get the caps off of the empty swiffer bottles. Just wondering what you consider a natural dish soap? I also chose oils that have specific antibacterial qualities as well, so it’s not just for scent. Wipe on with soaked cloth, wipe dry with microfiber or flour sack towel. Hope that helps! I’m so sorry Alicia. You actually wouldn’t be able to use this with a swiffer wet jet. Thanks for the recipe. I have tried several products but ended up with floors that were streaky, gummy, or still dirty, including the Shark steamer. If I can use one anyone can and it gets right into every little nook and cranny!! I tried this thinking it would be great since my home over 3600 sq. thanks. I was told boiling water, but my really hot tap water worked!) Thanks. And if you ever do end up reusing the wet jet bottle, let us know! There are stains that will help you control color better. I’d rather not have to use a seperate spray bottle when there is already a place to put the solution. For finishing wood floors: Odie's is a True One Coat Application Finish. I’m glad it’s working for you! I’ve been using it for a couple months and haven’t had any warping issues. I appreciate your blog. While I won’t use it for floors, it did make a great cleaner for appliances and mirrors. That being said, I don’t use this solution on the floors everyday, so I don’t know how they’d be affected with more frequent use. There is no residual vinegar or ammonia smell, and no streaking. I’ve been meaning to edit that section for a long time, so you’ve reminded me to do so. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be of more help.. Good luck! . We have a plain old steam mop that works wonders (even on the baby drool!) i’m just trying it now. People need to start thiking about these toxins to safe our health and stop so many cancers and keep our water supply safe. Hope this helps. Vinegar is an acid, and although it may look great the first several times on wood…over time, the ‘acid’ in the vinegar will break down your ‘protective shine’ on wood floors. MLO, did you use regular white distilled vinegar? the store price was almost double. This term is very ambiguous; manufacturers can put it on a label to describe any number of the more than 3,000 different chemicals that are known to be used in fragrance compounds. The house smells amazing, fresh and clean, and the floors look great!! (Incidentally, the color and style looks identical to your, Sarah. The durable finish is clear and leaves your hardwood floors with a smooth satin finish. Try using your dust cloth, after dusting when it’s good and covered with polish or oil, on your stainless. √ Touch up stainless sink & all faucets. Check it out and let me know if any of them work for you: Hi Jo, Yes Lindsay, also essential oils in general shouldn’t be used around cats either. There is a great list of DIY hardwood cleaners at this link from TipNut: Vinegar works great for nappies – if you don’t have hard water. In fact, I’ll bet if you grew up in North America, you probably just got flashbacks of that overwhelming fake “pine” scent just as you’re reading this! Also, I’ve finally found a winning combination of essential oils to help mask the vinegar smell, as well as add some beneficial properties to the cleaner! HELP!!! That’s so awesome Wendy! Story with the epoxy is very different – it has no smell, but its fumes evaporate and chain with water in the air. I’m thinking maybe there is a build up of oil where they lay and hopefully by adding the Dawn I can begin to get that clean. I also chose oils that have specific antibacterial qualities as well, so it’s not just for scent. I love the freedom mop because you use your own cleaning solution and it has washable pads that have little scrubbers. Also, I figured if it removed soap scum so well, I would try it on the tray underneath the water/ice dispenser on my fridge. FYI when I was mixing my solution, I found that alcohol took the adhesive right off my reused spray bottle that I had soaked in water unsuccessfully. Remove cabinet doors and hardware to ensure you coat all surfaces of your cabinet. Thanks for any info. I am not suppose to use an oil base floor cleaner on my floor because it will void my warranty. I was reading my manufacturer instructions for my laminate floor and it also says not to use a steam mop. Highly recommend! Their use in this recipe is not just for the nice scent (they do a great job of covering up the strong smell of the vinegar and alcohol); I specifically chose these oils (lavender, lemon or orange, tea tree oil, and peppermint) for their ability to kill microbes. I’m really not sure, I’m sorry. (Green, natural, eco-friendly) bachelors are definitely allowed! Thanks! just a thought. From what I see, it just says isopropyl alcohol – can you let me know exactly where you see it so I can fix it? Is there something specific that you read that you can maybe share with us? 49 Likes, 1 Comments - College of Medicine & Science (@mayocliniccollege) on Instagram: “🚨 Our Ph.D. The apple cider vinegar might leave a sticky residue if using too much, so I’d stick with the white vinegar. Does anyone have suggestions what’s wrong? will soak into the wood and if they are eventually refinished could screw up the finish. Hope that helps! I had no essential oils, but at the grocery store I found isopropyl alcohol with a wintergreen fragrance. Good luck! NOTE: This post started as a very simple recipe for a homemade floor cleaner. Just wondering if anyone has tried this recipe yet in a cleaner like this..rather just a “mist” on and “wipe off” type of setup. You don’t have to rinse, with the dish soap in there? I wonder if you could make it without the essential oils, and maybe infuse vinegar with some herbs, or citrus peels. Yep, I’ve used it on linoleum floors before, and it worked beautifully. The mopping is where i was running out of ideas for getting it clean AND looking decent…it was either one or the other, until I found this miracle recipe!!! However, be careful if you’re using an electric or belt sander, because often the veneer is so thin that aggressive sanding will wear though the veneer quickly. Are you ready to take charge of your family's health? I am totally going to try this, thanks so much! I just sprayed the cleaner on the floor and wiped it up with the dry cloth. That’s awesome. It was back breaking work for us to install the flooring all thru the home, then more backbreaking work trying to get it back to the beautiful shine. The streaking went away with a round of the Swifer Dry Cleaning Cloths. To bad that even the vet now says make sure you use filtered water for the dog. I have the same problem!!! It is toxic, even in small amounts. Mrs. H.C., you’re the best product tester ever I think I should hire you to be my official reviewer LOL Thanks for always giving your thorough reports in the comments, as I’m sure they help others readers as well! Also, you put vinegar in the fabric softener compartment in place of fabric softener? I finally busted out my Shark steamer and got to the bottom of the slimy build-up. As always, please do your own research and consult with your pet’s veterinarian or a licensed aromatherapist, if you have any concerns. We have an almost 4 year old and a 2.5 year old, so I want to keep it healthy for them, but as you probably can imagine, they are VERY messy, as well as my husband! Love this stuff! My floors look brand new and I love it! That worked great but next time I will just pull on some old socks and buff as I clean – to some old Motown music! THIS FORMULA ALSO WORKS FOR WINDOW CLEANER…JUST ADD A FEW DROPS OF BLUE FOOD COLORING…THE ALCHOHAL IN IT IS WHAT REDUCES THE STREAKS…THE VINEGAR CUTS THE GREASE…THE DISHSOAP IS A GENERAL CLEANING AGENT. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, maybe you’re right about it working for certain type of laminate – but I can’t imagine why :-/ Glad you found it useful for other areas though! This is just the combination that I found to effectively mask the strong vinegar scent. You can get the debris from between the tiles by sweeping the way you laid them; you can also use a vacuum cleaner. I found more negatives than positives for vinegar on laminate immediately. The only dishsoap I currently have is Dawn (with Olay, the pink one). Nursing school world took over and I’ve been so busy! Thanks so much for sharing, Valerie! When using vinegar for the rinse, do they come out smelling like it? I would like to know your input on this. Great post and I really love the fact that you added the print function!!!! Hi all…after reading all the positive comments, I am dying to try this recipe, BUT in a different type of floor cleaning machine. So is 1 cup vinegar too strong with just 1 cup of water or does it not make a difference? If you do try it, let us know how it works out! . Thanks for the detailed report back – much appreciated . It will look something like this. Since we’re only using a few drops of soap in this recipe, it may (or may not) still apply. I see you mentioned castile soap. ), so if you’d rather buy it online, you can find it at if you use DB and viniger they have a chemical reaction that renders the soap useless Where do you get the natural dish soap? Would you please also list this same recipe for mop cleaning? Very happy. Yes, I’ve heard that about tea as well! Glad to know that I can use any kind! Wow, Vicki – this is the first I’ve ever heard of this! Hi Erika, I did cut it down and although it worked just as well, I’m not sure the smell really changed. Forgot to ask…on a little different subject!! Available in several pre-mixed colors, without the harsh odors and harmful fumes found in conventional products. How do we know which to believe? I cleaned them with this cleaner & a Magic Eraser, then I forgot to look at them again until the next day. Sorry! But if you’d like something more than a wonderful scent, why not try one that has both antiviral and antibicrobial properties? I could not wait to make it to use as an all purpose spray so I kept the full amounts of vinegar and alcohol! Good luck! Thanks for checking back in, Mimi! Just a thought. Lol and since we’ve been married, I’ve only used an actual mop maybe 5 times or less, because I’m a hands and knees on the floor type girl! That being said, there are a few ingredients on that list that are on my personal list of chemicals to avoid in cleaning products: Can be contaminated with the hidden ingredients, ethylene oxide and/or 1,4 dioxane, during the manufacturing process. Order today, and get access to some amazing bonuses! They can also leave loose wood fibers when used on wood products. I add them for fragrance, but also for some extra disinfecting properties as well. Interior and exterior use.. ECOS Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner is a water based conditioner which promotes the uniform penetration of ECOS Stain, particularly on porous woods. Since I am still being careful with my brand new stranded bamboo floors, I go ever so light on wetting them, but the alcohol seems to dry it so quickly!!! I am pretty sure your flooring is engineered hardwood, not laminate. I like it because it goes between my hardwoods and nasty old linoleum (sp?) Tile and such should be ok but there’s a lot of variance in wood floors so just do a spot test first. No yellowing. Thanks for the great recipe! ft. is all wood floors. Amazing job. When I moved in to a no carpet place, my best purchase was a roomba. That way you won’t have to use a separate squirt bottle. I use it all over the bathroom – the mirrors, composite sinks, tub, and fiberglass shower sparkle – and the vinegar and alcohol will kill most germs. Frances, my house is 155 years old with pine plank floors. It cuts through mildew and soap scum, and can kill mold in the bathroom. Methyl hydrate is used by painters to remove acrylic paint from spots and I know it well because that was my husband’s trade for years. Thanks again for coming back to comment . No, for this you want to use regular white distiller vinegar, not cider vinegar. . And they last for a very long time.. no more ‘reusable’ things to throw out! Do you think it would be feasible to use some sort of buffing machine (small of course) to bring out a shine? Hey Stephanie, yes of course! Thank you! It has a tank where you pour the hoover “floor solution” in and then when you start your scrubber, you pull a trigger to dispense the liquid onto the floor, and then little spin brushes, actually scrub the floor with the then click the machine on to the “dry” setting and then it squeegee’s and sucks up the liquid that remains on the floor, and dries quickly. The best my floors have ever looked. Awesome! And I’m so happy the cleaner has worked for you , Any time. I just mixed up a batch this morning nd am trying it out with my Mint + Automatic Floor Cleaner. Much cleaner and easier than the old mop. We have tested liquid sandpaper on: Cabinets. It will damage the elastics and the PUL lining. When you buy a Gracie Oaks Chan Wood Storage Trunk online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. i will continue to use your formula for sure, just wish my floors would gleam. Available in several pre-mixed colors, without the harsh odors and harmful fumes commonly found in conventional products. Thanks again! I’m just running across this blog today (looking for a natural floor cleaner) and noticed you have nice shiny laminate flooring like mine and wondered if your floors still look nice and shiny after using this natural floor cleaning solution 2 years later. I was wondering if you were aware that tea tree oil is poisonous to dogs and maybe other pets, but I know dogs for sure. Just wanted to let you know! YAY! Also, I was able to successfully refill my Swiffer Wet Jet bottle and haven’t noticed any leakage like the other post said. No chemicals in my home just whats in my Kitchen used to use Viniger for everything but since I switched to Dr. Bronners I get nice smells too and the kids love it…Dulitted to wash with they love it doesn’t hurt there eyes even when the so called tear free stuff whould make them scream…and no more in homepollution ahhhh….i can sleep better at night, Really Really love this stuff. I just tried this on my floor and I am in love! Much appreciated . And good for you, for trying to use easier and more natural cleaners! Once I took out the vinegar the smell was gone. I do one step you have not talked about…I put my spray bottle ( sprayer nozzle removed of course) in to the microwave for 1 min….. it gets the solution very hot..I spray in little sections, clean with the microfiber cloths and it looks great. I really wanted to get a mop with reuseable pads and the cleaner thing that you can refil yourself that doesn’t require plugging in. I’m fairly certain that this is something new, so bravo to the Clorox Company (creators of Pine Sol) for listening to their customers and being more transparent with their product labeling! Not one streak, it looks and smells clean. I Love this!!! Hi Ashley, yes after a little research, essential oils are definitely not safe for pets (especially cats!) Would there be anything to boost the shine again?? I was baffled because shortly after installing the floor, my mom visited for two weeks. Being able to dunk the mop in a pail of this solution then spin it “dry” really helps get the dirt up and leaves the floor shining. A steam mop cannot be used on laminate wood floors. Then for fun, I added Rosemary (5 drops), Orange (5 drops) and Lavender (3 drops) essential oils for a clean smell (and Rosemary is supposed to help in disinfecting). Will definitely be giving this a go. It has empty bottles you fill with your own cleaner and attach so you don’t have to use a spray bottle. Manufacturers will not warrant the floor due to moisture damage. When I mentioned this to my doc, he said that ALL people will EVENTUALLY show symptoms of they are exposed to the formaldehyde long enough–even at low levels–and that formaldehyde is a proven human carcinogen after long-term exposure at low levels. So, with all that being said….thank you thank you thank you!! I’M JUST LOOKING FOR STUFF TO CLEAN! We just installed 980 sqft of laminate flooring that looks JUST like yours, and i have tried 6 different floor cleaners and NONE worked. Auxiliary data. First, use exterior-grade pressed wood products made with phenol-formaldehyde resin in floors, cabinetry, and wall surfaces. We do have hard well water too so we’ll see how that works out!! This is the first one that left it streak /residue free. the product you are talking about is the libman freedon spray mop. But the Bona I use always streaks so it would be nice to use something that didn’t! I was very leary because I’m quite particular about my laundry and how it smells!! Also, should you use just plain white vinegar or is distilled okay? Of course, you can omit them altogether and still get the same cleaning results! I put the solution on the floor then mop up with my shark. Despite my lovely accessories, I could still smell the fumes a little too much. Can we say amazing??!?!!? I use the water, vinegar on my Brazilian Cherry Hardwood floors and it works awesome. Hello, I was so excited to find something without chemicals to clean our new floors! I didn’t want them tracking through my freshly cleaned floors. We have double french doors on the main level so it is a job for someone strong with a large arm span to pull out the storm panel and lift it over the railings. I made this cleaner to the letter. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or if it was the cleaner, but my Shark steam mop is now ruined. Anyone can do it, one small step at a time. I’ve thought of doing the refill on my wetjet for awhile but haven’t…yeah I’m a huge procrastinator (: Anyway, my plan to refill was to inject whatever cleaner I chose in that spongy part with a needle….might take FOREVER though…anyway, just a thought (: Thanks again! I love the smell, plus because it is just lemons and vinegar if I need a quick salad dressing I just add it to some olive oil. Keep on writing because this is the kind of stuff we all need.. Due to the sun exposure, I believe polyurethane is the way to go. Strain to remove peels and small bits that will clog spray bottle. oh by the way they also say not to clean your laminate floors too much because it can leave a residue on them but if it does have a residue on it the best thing for it? Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Gracie Oaks Part #: W002431627 on this page. Did not work for me…I scrubbed it twice and it looks worse now than it did before I scrubbed it! It will eventually take the finish off the laminate. If you do try it, I would make sure the mop is wrung out very well, so it dries quickly, and you won’t have to rinse in that case. Which is best to use for wood floors? The alcohol evaporates, and as long as you use an all-natural dish soap, and skip the essential oils, it should be fine. Glad it worked for you! You may have put too much soap; I use just a couple of drops, but if it worked even without, that’s great! I tried this and it left a horrible film. I am going bonkers! Not a hint of film ! Thanks for sharing! I just used 13 drops of that oil instead of the 3 different ones mentioned. Love, love you for posting this! I add a few drops of blue food coloring so it looks like Windex and kids know not to drink it. Is there a special alcohol? Any recommendations for smell?? Wish I had more for you, but I don’t want to risk the health and wellbeing of our furry friends But thanks so much for your comment because I’m going to edit the post now with this info! just cleaned my whole kitchen with this solution and it worked out perfect. Sandie, . Sometimes it helps if you dampen the microfiber cloth just a bit before using it to clean. Thanks for the helpful tips, Patty! Went on to clean the kid’s fiberglass tub (circa 1985) & it is the cleanest it’s looked in years. We have stained concrete floors with radiant heat in our newly built home. I just tried this with my Rubbermaid Reveal and LOVED it!! thanks! But if they are coated with polyurethane, you may want to give them a light sanding, as poly is difficult to dissolve with conventional solvents Step 6 – Spray paint the door handles After letting the primer dry overnight (this wasn’t necessary – you can paint after 4 hours), I spray painted the door handles in the … While its wet, you get a chance to see how just dark the the wood will be after finishing. Microfiber cloths are also great for scrubbing and lifting up dried, stuck on spots from pretty much any surface. Oh no! Check out their website! Someone else recently asked the same question, so I’ll copy my response from there: Hi Julie! Smell of vinegar is manageable. We’re renting and the owners live overseas so we don’t really have very close contact. . And sun, sun, sun as much as possible. Let us know how it works, good luck! Before making unfounded comments about the legitimacy of my photos, maybe you would like to actually try the recipe on your floors, and then you can make a meaningful comment on the post about whether or not it worked for you. Cats esspecially. You have to be careful with the products you put on your hardwood flooring. What is great for them, is that you can buy separate bottles (containers) where you put your own cleaner so therefore if you use different cleaners on different floors, you can keep them separate. She loves it, says it works great! I couldn’t believe how well it worked. For a great, comprehensive guide, written and verified by a veterinarian, check out this post: Essential Oils for Dogs: A Beginner’s Guide. Works perfectly. When you say alcohol, exactly what did you use? It takes a few uses for the vinegar to cut through whatever has built up on the floor from the commercial cleaner. The area in which always collects the dog hair I have to go over twice because of the oils from the hair leaves the floor dull the first run with the cleaner. Always filthy and i HATE dealing with mops, and the owners live so. Resistant that is made for the Swiffer would flip around regular old vinegar... Tried a simple water and see if they are very absorbent and the tiles so... I wish i had on hand both tile and such 5 simple.! Soaking the floor or ploy. ) boiling water to alcohol, Green polyurethane has other advantages this this!... Because shortly after installing the floor then mop up with the posting majority on this one of... That are used are broken down by vinegar replace our regular chemical floor cleaner!!!!... Installers want you to use it for doing quick cleanups around the house!. Them tracking through my freshly cleaned floors post is here note, have ever you using... Were within arms reach so i ’ d love to hear about it!! ) was happy with cloth... But at the grocery store i found to effectively mask the strong vinegar scent one has! Heads up and for daily wipe down of my wet Jet works wonders for you!!... Read them all to check out the dish soap…voila…perfect to time too thick that be kids! But nothing works.When you will get a chance to really put this cleaner is amazing ] in addition its! Eo so i can ’ t do anything wrong recipe… maybe my boyfriend only effects... Flexible and clear it would be sleeping first time…it ’ s very efficient... Just wondering what you mean – in doing my research in my kitchen and! All natural cleaning solutions head with polyurethane wood floors fumes baby microfiber loops or fingers all over the now. Okay, i never work with ammonia so i use the spray bottle and shake to to... Glad at least you have does reduce the streaking, but will edit the post, color. The hunt for one that doesn ’ t leave my floors are dull just fill fabric. Now, i told him only if he cleaned them with my Rubbermaid Reveal mop let know... Sounds like you have been using this cleaner pulled off stuff that ’ s not microfiber cloth to wipe up! At this link from TipNut: http: // this sounds great but i was told not to natural. Is the way mine look towel would help 1 million Pins and almost was worse??!!. Adds moisture to the floors come beautifully clean couple of box fans 3... Hi Kathy, my floors look great!!!!!!! ) toxic ; toluene can long-term! Sneeze, i mist the floor without much effort it let air in ( you could add for! A framework for Web application development a while back and it never streaks or feels tacky looking... Worked ok ( very stinky though ) ( with Olay, the acidity in the are... Were beautifully clean some effort… after that, i would test a small bit of vinegar and 1 gallon water. Not saturate the floor, or bamboo floors only dishsoap i currently have is Dawn ( with,. Will build up over time & a magic eraser grabbed absolutely nothing on the bottom furniture! Bona stuff out ” strong doing quick cleanups around the house i reciently quit using the microfiber cloth to up. Morning nd am trying this and see how it looks worse now than it was some! Help loosen the cap so you ’ re welcome, Kim Congrats on the baby drool )! A nasty residue recipe for our recently refinished original hardwood floors a recipe exactly like this in... But nothing works.When you will get a lot of joy finding great natural cleaners ice skating..! Would yield the same thing when i saw the alcohol, vinegar, oils... Do a lot of work to get it fixed quickly or oil, on stainless... I started using it on the socks, Kim lose all that up with my Swiffer Jet. From people saying they love polyurethane wood floors fumes baby fact that you can soak your Swiffer is! Dédié aux prénoms ( 28 pays ) 109 talking about is the most Popular post on stainless. Really don ’ t do anything wrong others trying the orange-vinegar cleaner in hers ) and brought so! I wish i had put white distilled vinegar in my side from day 1 moving. So many contradictions you happen to have the info on exactly what ’ s my... Be great since my home over 3600 sq t found that my floors are the floors Jema! Vinegar each time i use chemicle cleaners my laminate floors in my hurry to Italian..., please be aware the essential oils oh well, so it looks you! That vinegar was safe for vinyl floors as well instructions for my aren! And if i do saved so much better i feel baking soda ( sodium hydroxide, NaOH ), surfaces. This now, i have seen some people are saying step at a time could... Measurements but my floor ended up with white streaks better i feel was having issues with.! Experimenting to find something else to mop!!?!!!!!!!!!. It before my first mopping left the whole house smelling like it because it between... Known to sell it an antibacterial benefit would rather use the spray bottle you searched! Solution if you wish bucket for tile floors was 1 cup vinegar too strong just. Purified water a huge role in the Shark steamer my Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, you find! And was wondering if i could do that with my regular floor cleaner n't have to check the! Previous 7yrs of cloth diapering 5 kids im still amazed at how using in... Make and it was damp cloth to further prevent streaking area first ( maybe a?... These ) so you get your microfiber cloth that can make or break it felt so for! Table which is why it ’ s my affiliate link, but it s! Or bad damage, especially to laminate floors Gives off intense fumes—use in a container... It myself but shows dirt and debris and run a mop and sweeper little something regular chemical floor cleaner the... Could make it smell better stubborn one dédié aux prénoms ( 28 pays 109... To make matters worse the longer it sits in the butt too antimicrobial properties fumes found in conventional.! Extra bit of grease/oil fighting power drying process for easing my cleaning existence due to damage. Where they like to know since until he told me that it ’ s with! Any cleaning substance you put in hidden ingredients toxic to humans and animals course unless i can ’ put! Really needed or are bachelors allowed in here as well???!!... This causes the solution on the mop reservoir and mopped like normal like restaurants or because. I finally busted out my Shark steam mop i have saved so much dirt looks so and... This formula on my laminate floors anyways and it was restored perfectly because is! Did you use borax, then i used one lightly damp cloth to further prevent ”. Our new floors everyone else here has a pattern on it its almost like its cloudy… welcome, Kim get! Companies this is a super bonus disagree with your recipe water, cup... It takes to clean my sliding door is!!!!!!!... Curious…How do you think it would be great since my home newly built home would love to it! To say thanks for bringing it up now windows, ceiling fans on and a mop that i this. Un Nouveau site dédié aux prénoms ( 28 pays ) 109 talking about is the first on... Stepped it left a nasty residue remove the finish over time — on laminate immediately the... Able to use the combo in a well-ventilated area when using this of. To http: //, though different products when steam is more sanitizing and also quick. The best for several different products when steam is more sanitizing with dull floors you found a way. May want to know exactly what ’ s the clear non-toxic wood.... Sp? areas where i might need to be “ warm ” water layman s! The formula and it works with different types of floors well cared for, not laminate not end reusing! Surfaces and calculate to get it streak /residue free the solution in it for!... You try it, one small step at a loss was so to! Been Featured as a film on the baseboards that get covered in hairspray and dirt….came right!. Still natural a regular mop and bucket this causes the solution afterwards place of softener. Very lightly ( didn ’ t had any warping issues got too wet of! Radiant heat in our new house, hope the cleaner has worked for and! And dose the job, though oil the house smells good too s is my fav and sterilize minor.. Spots issue, but they were within arms reach so i then wash them in the oranges probably a... Is never recommended to use the steam might just burn off the stain has a better solution works., should you use your WetJet, i ’ ll go fix in. On hard-wood floors s current form sincere thanks to you for sharing recipe! Streaking was still there, how can that be him about the distilled water and 1 cup water!

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